EZB - Electronic Journals Library

The EZB is an electronic journal library with access to scholarly journals.

  • Index or lists of the content
  • Abstracts
  • A 'search' function (used for searching for content on the publisher's web site)
  • Email notification service or 'Contact Us'

  • It is possible to have full-text access without a password when using a PC on campus because the access is controlled by the IP address.
  • To read most full-text articles, it is necessary to have installed a PDF reader, e.g., Adobe Acrobat Reader or SVG Viewer.
  • Should you have problems accessing the full-text version, we suggest you enable 'Cookies' under browsers preferences
  • If you are interested in having access to certain inaccessible journal titles in the EZB, please contact the person below

Any questions?

Ralf Lemper Room: H 2.13

T +49 89 1265-1189
F +49 89 1265-1187