HM Publication Server

HM Publication Server offers access to published scientific papers written by members of the university.

  • Protection of your intellectual property using unalterable electronic documents
  • Inclusion of a URN in every publication, which can be cited, for example, in a job application
  • Enhanced security of your research work, especially in unacademic circles (e.g., companies, businesses)
  • Transfer of your valuable contribution of knowledge and technology to the university
  • Documentable developments and updates of your research results by way of the inclusion of new editions, along with the existing publication
  • Flexibility in the choice of media, e.g. text, images, audio and video, including streaming support
  • Searchability of your full-text work
  • Your work is searchable via Google Scholar, Base Bielefeld, Directory of Open Access Repositories and the Katalog der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek.
  • Option for a Creative Commons licence for the work
  • Possible embargo and user limitations via the university network
  • Publishing through the HM Publication Server is free

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