Red light - what to do?

You definitely need access to an e-jounal , but next to the title you see a red dot (no license for the Munich University of Applied Sciences). How do you get to the journals content ?

Despite the red dot it might be useful to click on the traffic light symbol which leads you directly to the journal. In the majority of cases table of contents and abstracts are offerd there at no charge. Sometimes freely available articles are scattered throughout the archive. It might even be the current issue or some older issues that are accessible without charge.
Some providers grant you access to some or all the articles despite a red or red and yellow dot - simply because the publishing staff is not up to date with the management of the licenses. So often licenses of the last year, which were not extended, are still valid for many months of the next year.

  • Maybe another institution has licensed the e-journal. By clicking on the desired title you get detailed information about the journal. At the bottom of the page you find a list of participating institutions with full-text access. All these libraries provide access to the articles of this journal - if you go there and it is publicly available.
  • Perhaps the library of the Munich University of Applied Sciences or any other library in Munich holds the printed edition? It is worthwhile in any case to search in the Gateway Bayern .
  • No full-text still? There remains the Interlibrary Loan or (if in a hurry) there is a Pay document delivery service for individual articles.
    If you are interested in the permanent activation of an e-journal, you can make a request to your dean or the library.

You never want to see "red" magazines again? --> Please use the advanced search form . Uncheck the box next to the red dot before you start the search. Following the "Preferences" button at the top of each page, you can also limit the results to a particular type of access and/or select another institution to display holdings information for.


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